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Graduation Dinner  


Please join us to celebrate the graduation of our fellow scholars! On 5/28/11, HKSA and Elijah will co-host a graduation dinner in Koi Palace. Details are as follows:

Date: May 28, 2011 (Sat)

Time: 7:30pm


Koi Palace @ Daly City
365 Gellert Boulevard
Daly City, CA 94015-2613
(650) 992-9000

: $25 for advance payment. $26 in cash. (please contact mandyman@stanford.edu for arrangement)
*** All payment must be made before Mar 23rd to secure a seat.

** You do not need a paypal account for advance payment, only a MAJOR CREDIT CARD is needed.
** Because seats are limited to 30 only, you are encouraged to sign-up sooner than later. Registration Deadline: May 23rd, 2011

If you have question, please contact Dominic Fung (dom_fung@yahoo.com), or 646-338-6868.

Registration: Please RSVP here and pay via paypal below by 5/23. We will send you email confirmation once we get the payment.

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Hiking and Dim Sum Outing  


HKSA will be organizing a hike followed by dim sum lunch at Dynasty next Saturday.  We will begin the day with an easy hike at the Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve and then end with lunch in Cupertino.
Please RSVP at your earliest convenience so that we can figure out the rides!

Date: May 14, 2011 (Sat)

Place:  Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve

Time: 9:00-12:30pm

We will leave from the GCC at 9:00.
For those interested, we will have a dim sum lunch together at Dynasty in Cupertino afterwards.
More info on the trails: http://www.openspace.org/preserves/pr_rancho_san_antonio.asp

Registration: Please RSVP before May 11 (Wednesday) noon to arrange carpool.

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HKSA Board & Card Games Night  


Hope you are doing great and enjoy the warm weather of spring! In the game night held last January, many of your fellow members from HKSA and Elijah Christian Fellowship had a lot of fun laughing at the funny Pictionary drawings and indulged in finding the best strategies in 三國殺. How can you miss all the fun and laughter this time? Let's join us and have fun playing these games with your fellow members in this coming game night on April 29 (Friday).

We have gathered for you a wide range of exciting games: Carcassone,  Settlers of Catan, Modern Art, Blokus, Bohnanza, Apples to Apples, Uno,  Monopoly board game, Scrabble apple, Bang, Clue, San Juan,  Pictionary, Rummikub... plus whatever games you will bring!

With so many games you will surely find a few that you will enjoy much with friends! Feel free to bring your own games too! And ask your friends to come!

What’s more? We'll serve Ike’s sandwiches before the game night and some light refreshments  to keep you going for the rest of the night!  So come join the fun! And even better, this event is totally free of charge!

Date: Apr 29, 2011 (Fri)

Place: EV Studio 5/6 Lounge 100 (http://campus-map.stanford.edu/index.cfm?ID=10-468)

Time: 7:30pm (Ike’s sandwiches start at 6:30pm)

Registration: Please RSVP Here!

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HKSA Golf Event  


Its at the time of the year when the weather is getting better so we are bringing you our first outdoor event of the quarter (more to come!).

We know that many people have expressed interest in playing/learning golf, but are either too busy or simply too hard to find people to play with. Indeed golf is a great sport to get acquainted with. 
We are trying to organize a golf event so everyone has the opportunity to come out and learn this exciting sport. Since golf is a sophisticated sport and that we want to reach out to as many people as possible,
we are offering two options: either Driving Range or Golf Course. For those of you who are beginners or have never played golf before, I would encourage you to do Driving Range first. For those of you who have
some initial exposure to golf, its great to take advantage of the cheap rate offered to current Stanford students to play on the amazing Stanford Golf Course. Since we expect players of varying levels, we would
like to have a quick poll on which option you prefer by filling out the Google form below. Please also see the proposed logistics of the event

Date: Apr 23, 2011 (Sat)

Place: Stanford Driving Range (near Lyman Residence)

Fee: ~$10

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Equipments: Depends on demand, we will provide equipments.

Registration: Please RSVP Here!

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Getting involved with HKSA next Academic Year  


HKSA has been actively organizing a range of social activities to serve the HK community: a student orientation, movie nights, hotpot and Chinese New Year dinners, hiking, paintball, a joint nightmarket, and more. We are presently looking for new officers to join the team to keep the momentum for the upcoming academic year! Please contact Simon Wong (whcsimon@stanford.edu) if you are slightly interested in joining the team.

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Lantern Festival Nightmarket 2/20 6-8:30 I-Center  


15 days after the Lunar New Year, the celebrations comes to a close under the full moon at the Lantern Festival! Please join us to celebrate the Lantern Festival with a night market full of delicious food and fun games bringing together the largest collaboration of Stanford Asian community.

We will serve savory Taiwanese tea eggs, Chinese rice balls, Sichuan spicy, snow skin moon cake, Japanese Takoyaki, almond jelly, Vietnamese steamed rice cake with pork & shrimp, deep fried chicken, candied fruits, sushi, dumplings and more! 

If you're not hungry for food, make your own lantern, get ready to Sumo-wrestle, play with sparklers, or participate in activities like face painting, fortune telling, Chinese yoyo and more!

Brought to you by AAGSA, CWCS, and HKSA, supported by AASA, ACSSS, STSA, SUN, Tzu Chi, and UCAA, and sponsored by the Billie Achilles fund and the Bechtel International Center, and the Graduate Students Council.

Date: Feb 20, 2011 (Sun)

Place: Bechtel International Center Courtyard

Time: 6pm - 8:30pm

Registration: Please RSVP Here! or fill out the following Google form: goo.gl/nuQdC

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Message from I-center  

1) Tax Workshop
- Tax Workshop in March 28  (will be confirmed soon)
- CINTAX will be available in mid March 2011
- If you received a scholarship or fellowship, or if you had wages that were exempt from federal taxes because of a tax treaty, you should receive a 1042-S form by March 15, 2011.
- The Deadline for filing 2010 tax forms: April 18, 2011 if you had any US source income (excluding bank interest); June 15, 2011 if you had no source income.
for more info: http://icenter.stanford.edu/taxes/tax_info.html

2) Resources for Spouses and Partners at Stanford
English classes - http://icenter.stanford.edu/families/english.html
English In Action - http://icenter.stanford.edu/families/finding_friends.html
Friday Coffee - http://icenter.stanford.edu/families/classes.html?id=2#sp-coffee
Resource Center  - http://icenter.stanford.edu/families/resources.html

3) Resilience Project by Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education
- Sharing of stories of setbacks and distress by the Stanford Community. Look for your sharing too!

4) Apply NOW for YES!+ (Yoga, Empowerment, & Service) course
- Drop stress, increase energy and improve focus in 5 days time
NEXT COURSE @ BECHTEL: April 26-May 1, 6:30-10 PM weekdays, 1-5 PM weekends
Email yespluscourse@gmail.com to request an application or Debanti Sengupta (debanti@gmail.com) for inquiry.

5) For ALUMNI, who want to share their experience with current international students
This new program is called “International to International: Connecting international students and international alumni at Stanford”, and we are writing to invite you to be part of this program and help make it successful. Our goal is to offer a series of dinners and brunches to meet current international students in your area of study. These events are being planned for March, April and May. There will be a moderated panel involving alums as well as the opportunity for informal dialog. Our goal is to make this a permanent aspect of our program offerings.

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HKSA Winter Movie Night  

Movie: The Beast Stalker (証人)

Description: Sergeant Tong’s (Nicholas Tse) dogged pursuit of a robbery getaway car escalates into a dangerous pile-up and shoot-out, and the accidental death of a little girl. Months later, Tong is still haunted by the girl's death and comforted only by his friendship with the victim's twin sister Ling (Wong Suet Yin). In a twisted coincidence, Cheung (Philip Keung), the mastermind behind the robbery, is facing trial, and the prosecutor is none other than Ling's mother, Ann Gao (Zhang Jingchu). Tragedy repeats itself when Cheung hires someone to kidnap Ling and blackmail Ann. Tong sets out in a desperate race against time to save Ling.

Date: Feb 25, 2011 (Fri)

Place: I-center, conference room

Time: 6:30 - 8:40pm (There will be free food, first-come-first-served. Food at 6:10pm, Movie at 6:30pm)

Price: Free (Supported by the Billie Achilles fund and the Bechtel International Center)

Registration: No Registration Required.

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Chinese Lunar New Year Dinner ( 團年飯 ) with Elijah  

Date: Feb 5, 2011 (Sat)

Place: Tomi Seafood Buffet

Time: 6:00pm (leaving campus)

Price: around $25

For inquiry, please contact Zan (mlzanchu@gmail.com)

Registration: Please RSVP by Feb 2 (Wed).


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Karaoke Night  

Date: Jan 8, 2011 (Sat)

Place: San Jose Music Tunnel (http://www.yelp.com/biz/music-tunnel-ktv-cafe-san-jose-2

Time: around 8:30 - 11:30pm (after dinner)

Gathering time and place to be confirmed on Friday (Jan 7)

For inquiry, please contact Zan (mlzanchu@gmail.com)

Registration: Please fill out this survey by Jan 7 (Sat) at noon.


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HKSA Lunch and Grocery Shopping  

Date: 1/2 (Sun)

Gather Time and Place:
Option 1 - 11:30am at Graduate Community Center (GCC)
Option 2 - 11:45am at Hong Kong Restaurant

Restaurant: Hong Kong Restaurant ( 香港小館 )(2650 W El Camino Real, Mountain View)

Grocery shopping after lunch: Ranch 99 at Mountain View, Safeway, etc. Lunch will finish at around 1:30pm. Grocery shopping will end at around 3pm.

Registration: Sign up Here!

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HKSA Movie Night  

Movie: Echoes of the Rainbow (歲月神偷)

Description: Echoes of the Rainbow (歲月神偷), directd by Alex Law (羅啟銳) from Hong Kong, is set in Hong Kong in the 1960s. It depicts the life of a family whose son is disgnosed with leukemia and various surrounding societal issues of the time. It received instant acclaim by critics as well as popular audiences in Hong Kong and won a Crystal Bear at this year's Berlin Film Festival.

Date:   11/20 (Sat)

Place: I-Center Assembly Room

Time: 5:45pm - 8:40pm (food at 5:50pm, movie at 6:20pm)

Food: There will be free Chinese food, first-come-first-serve basis. The event is sponsored by Billie Achilles Fund.

Registration: No sign-up is required

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Thanksgiving Hotpot Dinner  

Description: Haven't done HK-style hotpot for some time? Let's gather and celebrate Thankgiving just before the vacation week!

Date:   11/17 (Wed)

Time: 7pm

Place: EV Village Center

Price: $3    

Registration: Sign up Here!

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Volunteering with Berkeley HKSA at Oakland Zoo  

Date:   11/13 (Sat)

Time: Leave campus at around 8am

Place: Oakland Zoo

Work: Restoration work

Allowed number of people: 25

We are given free admission to the Zoo to hang around after work. Another 25 students from Cal will join us. It will be great fun.

Proposed Itinerary:

8:30 Depart from stanford
9:30 - 12:30 Volunteering and Free time at Oakland Zoo
13:00 - 14:30 Lunch with Berkeley HKSA near Oakland
16:00 Back at Stanford

The exact itinerary is to be confirmed. Feel free to email Hendrick Chan (hendrick.chan@stanford.edu) for inquiries.

Registration: Please register by 11/10/10 Here!

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Paintball Games  

Date:   11/06 (Sat)

Place: TAG Paintball

Price: $40 (or less depending on group size)   

Registration: Please register by 11/02/10 Here!

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HKSA Hiking and Dim Sum  

Date:   10/17 (Sun)

Time:   09:00 - 12:00

Location: Windy Hill Open Space Reserve (Location see here)      

We will leave from GCC at 9:00. For those who are interested, we will have a dim sum lunch together at Joy Luck Palace in Cupertino afterwards.

More information on the trails here.

Registration: Please RSVP before Oct 16 (Sat) noon via the link here to arrange carpool.

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Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering  


Moon cakes, lanterns, good food, and celebration!

Date:   9/25 (Sat)

Time:   19:00 - 22:00

Location: EV Village Center (Direction see here)      

Registration: Please RSVP Here!

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Orientation 2010  


New and current get to know each other and have fun!

Date: 9/25 (Sat)

Time: 17:00 - 19:00

Location: EV Village Center  (Direction see here)                                                                                 

 HKSAR Government Recruitment Talk  


Mr Jeff Leung, Director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco, will provide information about the Common Recruitment Examination and the Basic Law Test, as well as the recruitment exercise for Administrative Officers ("AO").

Date:  9/22 (Wed)

Time: 17:30 - 18:30

Location: The Nairobi room, Graduate Community Center


Old News


Links to other Asian student organizations at Stanford:

ACSSS (Chinese Student Association), AAGSA (Asian American Graduate Student Asso.), STSA (Taiwanese Student Association), Stanford Korean Student Association, Elijah